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Classic Car & Motorcycles

We also polish Classic Car and Motor Cycle parts. We can polish any aluminium, alloy, brass or stainless steel parts on your car or motor cycle. This could be it’s engine casings, frames, wheels, hubs, brake callipers, in fact any part.

Custom car parts including your engine, inlet manifolds, cam or rocker covers, wheels, exhaust pipes and silencers. Even stainless steel bumpers and trim. We have also polished numerous mountain and stunt bikes.

If you would like it mirror or brushed polished then give us a call.

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Due to an increased demand for our Polishing expertise, we are looking for an experienced Metal Polisher. Must have a proven polishing background especially the polishing of balustrade and weld removal. Please contact Nick 01142738216

Posted: Tue 04-Jul-2017 11:36AM


We have decided to discontinue the Powder Coating of Wheels and parts. This allows us to concentrate more on our core business of Metal Polishing. We will of course continue to offer a polishing service for car and motor cycle wheels. Whilst also gearing up more to the polishing of Classic Car and Motor Cycle parts. Where we can polish any aluminium, alloy or stainless steel parts e.g. engine casings, frames, manifolds, cam & rocker covers etc. as an addition to our normal commercial work.

For Powder Coating we recommend Metal Magic of Barnsley (01226 298544) who we have worked with for many years.

Posted: Thu 27-Aug-2015 9:41AM